Adash A3800 Compact Size On-Line Monitoring System


The Adash A3800 is a compact size on-line monitoring and diagnostic system designed to increase machine reliability. The compact size of the A3800 enables it to be placed directly on the DIN rail in the switchboard. 


The A3800 unit has an optional number of AC and DC input channels - 4, 8, 12 or 16. AC and DC channels are separate. This means that the 4-channel configuration allows you to connect 4 AC and 4 DC channels. Depending on the number of active input channels, we can use 1 - 4 independent TACHO inputs.

The number of active channels can be extended additionally by purchasing additional licenses. Each group of 4 channels allows fully simultaneous measurements. Groups of 4 input channels are switched to each other via a multiplex. The A3800 unit can be used also as a powerful multichannel analyzer. The setting and control of A3800 unit is done in DDS software.

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