Better Buildings, Improved Energy Performance and Optimised Costs


Caverion has launched ServiFlex+, a renewed concept for managing technical installations in buildings. ServiFlex+ allows achieving energy savings up to 20 percent by optimising building technology with remote monitoring. The development of ServiFlex+ is based on the vast experience Caverion has from building technology in more than 30,000 different facilities in 12 European countries.


With ServiFlex+, maintenance costs can be predicted and optimised.

- ServiFlex+ is one of the latest innovation in a series of digitalised services Caverion is bringing to the market. We have been working in IoT-based services development together with our customers to help them run their buildings smoothly and get most out of their buildings with optimal conditions. We will put more emphasis also in the future in developing digital building services that add value to our customers, says Thomas Hietto , Executive Vice President, Services, Caverion.

ServiFlex+ is a complete preventive maintenance package, which in its most extensive form covers statutory, planned and condition-based service, consumable materials, and repairs. Customers can at all times access the customer portal Client Net, where they can see their documentation and building performance in real time. Real time monitoring enables optimising building assets and reducing costs.

ServiFlex+ covers three service levels of preventive maintenance: Gold (all inclusive), Silver (incl. consumables) and Bronze (service without material and repairs). All service levels can be combined with the technical disciplines: Heating and Sanitation, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Electricity, Cooling, Security and Safety, Information and Communication services, and Automation.

ServiFlex+ suits all kinds of facilities, for example schools, office buildings, retails shops, malls, and warehouses. ServiFlex+ is designed to help facility owners, managers, and users to maintain and develop their building maintenance to the next level. ServiFlex+ sales starts in Norway, Sweden, and Finland. 


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