Maintenance and Reliability Tip - Compressed Savings


A collection of leaks in your compressed air system amounting to a .25" hole equivalent in a system pressurized to 100PSI can cost over US$8,500 per year.

by Torbjorn Idhammar, IDCON INC


The US Department of Energy (DOE) estimates that the typical compressed air system loses 5-20% of the compressed air. Another way of saying that is that 5-20% of your compressor operating budget is wasted. 

If you dedicate one maintenance day a year to identifying and fixing compressed air leaks, you can save your plant many times that cost, plus the capital expense of not having to expand the system. Now that is a good way to expand your money!

The largest cost component is power, so to find out the money wasted on power, multiply the KW rating of the motor by cost of power/KWH by 8,760 hours by 5-20%.

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