Save Time and Money with Fast and Comprehensive Leak Reports


SDT has unveiled LEAKReporter, the latest edition to its family of energy saving products.

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LEAKReporter is a smartphone app to manage your compressed air leak program. It is focused, simple, and free. Available for iOS and Android, LEAKReporter saves inspectors time and money by documenting leaks in pictures, estimating their cost impact, and creating fast, comprehensive leak reports to share with the world.


Find compressed air leaks fast with any digital SDT detector, and then document them with your smartphone camera. A wide-angle image captures the proximity of the leak and a close-up picture pinpoints its exact location. LEAKReporter then estimates the cost impact of the leak. Each leak is tagged, documented, and then synchronized to the cloud. At the end of your survey simply log in to the LEAKReporter website and generate an elegant, easy-to-read report.


- The genius behind LEAKReporter is the ease with which one moves from leak surveying, to documenting and reporting," states the product's architect, Benoit Degraeve.

- And your results are shared with the rest of the world through the LEAKReporter website. You can see how well your program is progressing, and how it measures up against your peers.


With LEAKReporter the job is done in five steps:


1. Create a survey

2. Document each leak in pictures

3. Describe the leak and estimate its cost impact

4. Synchronize your survey with the web platform

5. Create elegant, comprehensive reports

This may be the easiest, most clever cost estimation app for compressed air leak management ever created.


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