Ultrasound Detectors for Every Application and Budget. Which Checker is Right for You?


SDT has announced the newest addition to our family of ultrasound detectors, “The SDT Checkers.” Checkers are focusedsimple, and affordable.

SDTCheckersRange (1)

With a focused solution for every problem, the Checker range makes ultrasound available to everyone. Choose the right tool for the right job and perform fast troubleshooting inspections. As a first defense against breakdown, Checkers identify defects quick and early, allowing for deeper analysis and trending with an SDT200 or SDT270.

Ideal for reliability departments adopting operator driven reliability (ODR), Checkers engage any stakeholder who is responsible for ensuring reliable operation of their assets prior to, during, and after their shift. Which Checker is right for you?

  • LEAKChecker – SDT LEAKChecker is an ultrasound solution designed to pinpoint pressure and vacuum leaks.
  • LUBEChecker - SDT LUBEChecker is an ultrasound solution designed to optimize bearing lubrication.
  • TRAPChecker - SDT TRAPChecker is an ultrasound solution designed to assess the condition of steam traps and valves.
  • TIGHTChecker - SDT TIGHTChecker is an ultrasound solution designed to verify the tightness of closed volumes.

Each Checker features an on/off button and four function keys to control the intuitive graphical user interface. No training is required. One can literally get results right out of the box.

Checkers are affordable. Ultrasound offers more applications for maintenance and reliability than other condition monitoring technologies. The Checker’s low price makes ultrasound available for all reliability stakeholders. They are a low-cost solution to high cost problems.

- The Checkers makes high-quality ultrasound inspection available to customers from all walks of life, explains Andre Degraeve, Managing Director of SDT. 

For more information visit www.sdtultrasound.com/checkers