Ultrasound Inspection Courses – Agenda for 2018


For all maintenance professionals looking to get a Level I/Level II certification in Ultrasound inspection, UE Systems will be holding a series of certified training sessions during 2018.


These certification courses are in accordance with the ISO 18436-8 and meet the requirements of the American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) Recommended Practice, SNT-TC-1A.

The continuous popularity of Ultrasound and the demand for education in the technology led UE Systems’ to the scheduling of more sessions for the next year.

In Europe there are already more than 20 planned courses for 2018, in the following languages: English, German, French, Polish, Spanish and Portuguesecheck the complete agenda. This will include two advanced Level II courses, one in the UK and another one in the Netherlands.

In the USA & Canada there are over 30 courses planned for 2018, including also three Level II sessions: Knoxville, TN; Charleston, SC and in the Midwest/West. Check here the complete agenda for the United States & Canada.

UE Systems has been the internationally recognized leader in the development of airborne and structure borne ultrasound detection equipment since 1973. Besides its range of Ultraprobe® devices (ultrasonic inspection instruments), UE Systems also provides world-class training solutions.

Besides the Level I / Level II certification courses, UE Systems provides on-site trainings on how to use Ultrasound technology for maintenance & reliability. These can be either introduction, implementation or application specific courses. More recently, UE Systems started to deliver online courses on Electrical Inspection, Compressed Air Leak Survey and Mechanical Inspection & Lubrication.
To find out more visit www.uesystems.eu/training