Top industry leaders of industrial maintenance gathered in Helsinki


The EuroMaintenance 2014 Congress & Expo event took place at the Helsinki Exhibition & Convention Centre in May. The EuroMaintenance 2014 Congress, from 5 to 7 May, attracted 250 visitors. A total of 110 speakers from more than 40 countries represented the scientific community and business organisations. In his closing words, Göran Westerholm, president of EFNMS (European Federation on Technical Maintenance), praised the high quality of the presentations given by top industry leaders. EuroMaintenance 2014 Expo was open from 6 to 8 May. The professional trade fairs, FinnTec, ToolTec, JoinTec and Pinta, presenting the metal and engineering industry, welding and surface finishing were organised at the same time. 

Industry needs reliable maintenance – turning necessity to opportunity

At its best and when correctly implemented, maintenance is an investment that ensures smooth operation and efficient performance of the machinery and equipment.

Maintpartner Group, a partner of EuroMaintenance 2014 and the market leader in maintenance and operation services, has updated its service portfolio using the latest IT applications.

Maintpartner's sales and marketing head Tommi Kajasoja was very satisfied with the trade fair: "As the market leader, we find it reasonable to join the networking possibilities offered by an international event. A new era has started in maintenance. Our objective was to present our fully producticed service offerings (MP Value Elements) and the MP Flow field operations management system - to our customers and partners. We succeeded in achieving our targets and even exceeding them."

Service industry – the new export trump card for Finland

Globalisation and digitalisation have divided up the value chain in quite a new way. It is easy to select the low productivity jobs from production and move these to more cost-efficient countries. Nevertheless, it is possible to manage the big picture, yet in a different way than before.

“The question is how we can keep the high productivity jobs in Finland. The service industry and maintenance services, such as those provided by Maintpartner, are a great opportunity for the Finnish export and engineering skills. Finland offers advanced education in this area, for example, at the Lappeenranta University of Technology,” relates Tuomo Rönkkö, a board representative from the Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK).

Presenting new products and meeting new customers

Trade fairs continue to be the best forum for networking. People gather at trade fairs to see new products and meet new customers. Rollco Oy, a company focused on linear guide solutions, participated in a maintenance event for the first time to meet a completely new customer group. Rollco also delivers spare parts; linear rails, for example, can sometimes be used instead of slower deliveries and more expensive standard components. “We seek strong growth for our brand, and an industrial trade fair is excellent for this purpose,” says Mikko Similä, managing director of Rollco.

EuroMaintenance Congress addressing the hottest topics of the academic and business world

In his closing speech, Herman Baets, Chairman of EFNMS – the initiator organisation of the congress – expressed warm congratulations to all of the speakers. Good new ideas were put forward during the congress days and each participant certainly received something new to take back home.

The most interesting presentations from five categories, selected by the participants, were awarded.


Photo: Heikki Jokinen

In the photo from left to right:

  1. Maintenance concepts, solutions & assessment
    Value Driven Maintenance – Discover the Hidden Treasure in Your Maintenance Organisation
    Mark Haarman, Mainnovation, The Netherlands
  2. Maintenance Management & Leadership
    CERN – No Higgs & Co. without Maintenance
    Goran Perinić, CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, Switzerland
  3. Maintenance Technologies & Reliability Engineering
    Condition Monitoring is not Enough
    Jason Tranter, Mobius Institute, Australia
  4. Physical Asset Management
    Asset Based Budgeting in Practice – Case Study BASF Antwerp – Part 1
    Marc De Kerf, BASF, Belgium
  5. Safety, Health, Education, Training & Certification
    The 6 Pillars of Safety Culture
    George Scroubelos, Member of EFNMS EHSEC Committee ACRM, Greece. (in picture Efremidis George, HMS)

At the right Arjo Klijn.

The following EuroMaintenance event will be organised in May 2016 in Athens, Greece.

Finnish Maintenance Society Promaint was responsible for organising the EuroMaintenance 2014 Congress. The Expo and the simultaneous Pinta 2014 trade fair were organised by Expomark Oy. The FinnTec, ToolTec and JoinTec events were organised by Suomen Messut.