Euromaintenance 4.0: learn, get inspired and tackle challenges at Europe’s most important conference & exhibition on maintenance & asset management


The industrial landscape is currently right in the middle of the fourth industrial revolution. With new technologies such as IIoT, big data, predictive analytics, machine learning, and more being implemented at an ever increasing pace.


But what does this all mean for maintenance and asset management? If you are looking to dive deeper into the effects of industry 4.0 on your job as reliability engineer, maintenance manager or technical leader, Euromaintenance 4.0, from september 24-27, 2018 is for you.

  • You will learn about the new technologies and insights that are changing the future of your job right now.
  • You will get inspired about the possibilities of predictive technologies, Industrial Internet of things, Big data, …
  • You will be able to tackle your challenges and improve reliability, productivity, safety and (energy) efficiency.

And then there’s the location: Antwerp! Belgium’s best-kept secret and the second largest city, with an intriguing medievel heart, vibrant fashion and entertainment scene and startling architectural and cultural contrasts.

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