192 maintenance experts sets the programme of Maintenance 2014



Antwerp, Belgium, 15 January 2014 – In December 2013 easyFairs Belgium conducted a survey among 192 maintenance and asset managers to identify the current needs of the world of industrial technology. There appears to be a great demand for piping inspection, condition monitoring and safety. The show programme of Maintenance and Pumps & Valves 2014 covers all trendsetting concepts and technologies.

Continuous improvement in maintenance management and asset management is key to higher productivity, extending the life of your machine fleet, and avoiding unexpected costs. In today’s reality, the industry is pressed to do more, in less time, with fewer resources. The right choice of components, methods, and partners is vital for effective and safe management.

But where exactly are these challenges to be found? In the context of Maintenance and Pumps & Valves 2014 trade show organiser easyFairs has conducted a survey among 192 maintenance experts. There is a great hunger for information on piping inspection and condition monitoring (76%), shutdown risk management (74%), maintenance of rotating machines (57%) and waste heat recovery (48%). Other frequently cited topics include corrosion, total cost of ownership, pump failures, leak detection, pump techniques and emission standards. easyFairs Maintenance and Pumps & Valves is Belgium’s leading trade show in industrial maintenance, asset management, pump systems and equipment for industrial processing. It enables all technical departments operating in a production or process environment to draw inspiration from over 300 exhibitors showcasing their trendsetting concepts and technologies, all in one easy visit.

The show programme is supplemented with an interesting Demo & Innovation Route, the BEMAS Innovation Award, an extensive conference programme, two company visits (ISVAG and Indaver), the Safe Maintenance Award and a debate (“Challenges in maintenance and asset management”).

Maintenance and Pumps & Valves 2014 will take place on Wednesday 26 and Thursday 27 April March at Antwerp Expo. As always, entrance to the show and seminars is free for professionals.

All you need to do is register online to get your entrance badge. Professionals can also prepare their visit by consulting the online floor plan and list of exhibitors. All listed exhibitors are presented in a profile, including a short description of the company activities and product news. In this way, you can easily explore what each company has to offer before visiting the show.

More information can be found at

www.easyFairs.com/MAINTENANCE-BE and www.easyFairs.com/PUMPS-VALVES-BE