BP Norway renewing contract with Bilfinger Industrier Norge


Bilfinger Industrier Norge has scored a further success within a short space of time, having been awarded the third contract for maintenance services for the North Sea oil and gas industry since autumn 2013. BP Norway has exercised a renewal option under the master contract signed in 2011. Valued at EUR 50 million and running from 1 May 2014 to 30 April 2016, the renewal covers painting, scaffolding, insulation and access technology services at the Valhall, Ula and Skarv fields. This follows on from the two recent contract renewals which the Bilfinger company was awarded by Statoil.

Backed by these successes, Bilfinger is continuing to fortify its position as market leader in North Sea oil and gas business. The services are very largely performed by companies in Norway and the United Kingdom led by Bilfinger Industrier Norge and Bilfinger Salamis UK. In view of the favourable performance with these activities, the Bilfinger companies active in this industry were pooled within a single Bilfinger Oil & Gas Division in January 2014.

Explains Steve Waugh, Executive President of the Bilfinger Oil & Gas Division: “We owe our recent successes to our employees’ skills and our day to day focus on safe productive working practices, which provide an excellent basis for our future growth. We address the main requirements in onshore and offshore repair and maintenance to extend asset life and improve reliability performance. At the same time, we are registering strong demand on the part of customers to deliver innovative solutions to optimize asset life cost effectively and safely across all our main contracts.”

The latest contract follows on from contracts awarded at the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014. At the end of 2013, Statoil awarded Bilfinger Industrier Norge a contract covering services at its North Sea production facilities and onshore plants on the Norwegian coast for a period from August 2014 to July 2016 valued at around EUR 250 million. This was followed at the beginning of 2014 by a further contract extension signed with Statoil providing for services at the offshore platforms in the Sleipner gas field worth some EUR 40 million.