Bilfinger released a new maintenance concept


The development of the new Bilfinger Maintenance Concept (BMC®) has been finalized just in time for the Maintain 2014 trade fair. The BMC® document and structure the pooled expertise of the market leader as part of a comprehensive compendium.

Interview of Gerald Pilotto, Executive President, Bilfinger Industrial Maintenance division, on the Bilfinger Maintenance Concept.

New maintenance concept

the development of the new Bilfinger Maintenance Concept (BMC®) has been finalized. It took over one year’s work to document and structure the pooled expertise of the market leader as part of a comprehensive compendium. In 16 modules, the BMC® reflects over 30 methods and tools used for maintenance services. The experience and know-how derived from over 300 maintenance analyses and optimization projects implemented on the premises of over 300 customers have been integrated into the concept. The BMC® relies on international quality management standards for guidance. This makes it capable of being audited, and it can be further developed into a certified system as needed. Thanks to the modular structure of the system, specific customer requirements can be focused on within the scope of the implementation.

Gerald Pilotto, Executive President of the Industrial Maintenance Division: “In principle, the BMC® is based on an integrative partnership. In the process, we eliminate the apparent contradiction between outsourcing and internal corporate organization of maintenance services. Instead, we rely on transparency and flexibility in the course of implementation. The BMC® facilitates a completely new quality of cooperation with customers.” Examples of the comprehensive and innovative role of the concept are topic ranges such as the methodical further development of maintenance services with regard to failure prevention, the integration of continual enhancement processes and the entrenchment of a shared knowledge management system. Pilotto: “The BMC® is a milestone in establishing maintenance services as an integral element of the value added chain. We accept and face this challenge regarding quality on an international scale. For this reason, BMC® is protected as a brand name and is positioned internationally with the attributes ‘world class – worldwide.”

Bilfinger at Maintain Fair 2014 - Speech Franz Braun

New maintenance organization in Germany

On the German market, the implementation of the new concept coincides with the merger of previously three maintenance companies with a different regional focus into a single new Bilfinger Maintenance GmbH. With 30 branches, 2,200 employees and annual sales of approx. 300 million euros, the new company is the largest maintenance services provider in Germany. In total, in the industry service segment in Germany Bilfinger including all companies that are part of the Industrial segment generated revenues of 840 million euros with a workforce of approx. 7,100 employees. In the shared maintenance company, quality and safety norms are being standardized; at the same time, specific competencies are being further extended at specific locations.

To this end, competence centers are being established, focusing on the turnaround, pump pool, maintenance excellence, and mobile solutions. In this manner, special services continue to be further developed in a targeted manner and offered nationwide as best practices under their single, shared roof. The pooling of administrative tasks within a shared new head office serves to boost efficiency and will simultaneously reinforce the company’s competitive position. The German maintenance units were a driving force behind the development of the BMC®. They will also continue to carry out this function as part of the new structure, in close collaboration with the international affiliates, in implementing and further developing the concept.

Bilfinger at Maintain Fair 2014 - Speech Thomas-Peter Wilk

About Bilfinger

Bilfinger is with six divisions within the Industrial segment one of the leading technical services providers for industrial customers in the process industry and other selected sectors. Its services comprise consulting and engineering as well as project management, fabrication and assembly as well as comprehensive maintenance solutions. Bilfinger Industrial is the largest segment within Bilfinger SE and with some 38,000 employees active internationally. In 2013 it generated revenues of about EUR 4 billion. Further information is available at