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The new offering covers on-board video analytics, cloud-enabled service platform and portable Wi-Fi cameras.

FLIR’s FC-Series S thermal cameras now include on-board video analytics

At this year’s IFSEC exhibition in London, UK, FLIR Systems showcased its popular, industry-leading FC-Series thermal cameras with onboard video analytics. With this addition, the FC-Series S now offers a fully integrated intrusion detection solution.

The FC-Series S includes extremely affordable, network-ready fixed mount cameras that let you see intruders and other threats to your facility clearly in total darkness and in bad weather. The cameras now come with on-board video analytics that are capable of classifying human or vehicle intrusions. The new FC-Series S provides reliable detection results and flexible alarming options, including email, digital outputs or VMS alarms.

FLIR’s FC-Series S is fully enabled for control and operation over digital and analog networks and is available in high-resolution 640 × 480, and 320 × 240 formats. Because FLIR understands that you need cameras for the real world, FC-Series S cameras are qualified beyond industry standards for survivability, and are backed by FLIR’s 3-year system warranty and 10-year detector warranty.

FLIR Cloud™ services platform for security products

FLIR Systems has introduced FLIR Cloud™, an easy-to-use cloud-enabled service platform that offers instant remote access to FLIR security products using a smartphone / tablet (iOS / Android™), PC, or Mac. FLIR Cloud services carry a range of exciting benefits, not only for the end-user, but for dealers as well.

FLIR Cloud ensures reliable connectivity with a quick and simple 3-step setup process that makes complicated networking and port forwarding a relic of the past. Simply download the free FLIR Cloud mobile app, scan the QR code on the FLIR system, and enter a personalized password. Remote access through FLIR Cloud is achieved using a unique Device ID encoded onto each system. FLIR Cloud servers locate the security system on the Internet using the Device ID and perform a secure handshake between the FLIR system and the viewing device.

Beyond quick connectivity, FLIR Cloud will soon offer a unified set of services to keep users informed of what’s happening at all times, and offers cost-effective solutions for expanding one’s surveillance capabilities. Users can purchase additional Cloud recording storage to complement the hard drive on their recording unit. Other service applications will include cloud video activity synopses and mobile alerts, scheduled backups to offsite cloud servers, smart video analytics, and remote playback of video stored in the cloud.

FLIR showcased its flexible portable Wi-Fi camera

At this year’s IFSEC exhibition in London, FLIR Systems showcased its FLIR® FX compact and portable Wi-Fi camera that can be used for outdoor security, home monitoring, sports recording, and many other applications. Winner of the 2014 CES Innovations Design & Engineering Awards, its patent-pending flexible design makes the FLIR® FX an easy-to-use, affordable video monitoring solution that adapts to your needs. 

With resolutions up to 1080p, FLIR® FX gives you the HD image quality you expect and a wide 160° field of view that makes sure you’ll never miss a thing. Take it anywhere and run it for up to four hours, thanks to its powerful internal battery and flexible cordless mounting options.

Optimized for connectivity with smartphones and tablets, you can connect to the camera over the Internet from anywhere in the world, or use the camera’s Wi-Fi hotspot to create a secure, direct connection without any Internet access. FLIR’s free Cloud Services let you connect to the camera with iOS and Android mobile devices easily, and take full advantage of the camera’s connectivity, local recording, and playback features with no recurring fees. Other features include two-way audio, security-grade night vision, push notifications, smart alerts for motion and audio detection, and temperature monitoring.

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