Nanoparticles in bonded coatings set new standards


New lubricant reinforced with nanoparticles for higher stress resistance and longer service life of components

Bonded coatings combine the advantages of "clean lubrication" with criteria like wear protection and friction optimisation. The performance of conventional bonded coatings is limited by their abrasion resistance and load-carrying capacity, which can reduce the service life of a component. To what extent the performance of bonded coatings can be improved by incorporating nanoparticles was the subject of a project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and carried out over several years by the lubricant specialist Klüber Lubricationin cooperation with the companies Bosch, Schaeffler, a manufacturer of nanoparticles and two testing institutes. The result of this "NanoVer" project showed that the properties of bonded coatings can be significantly improved by nanoparticles.

Pushing the limits of bonded coatings

With Klübertop TN 01-311 A/B, Klüber Lubrication has launched a new type of bonded coating for metal components, which is particularly resistant to abrasion owing to the nanoparticles it contains. The nano-particles impart the binder system with additional strength, which significantly increases its resistance to abrasion and wear. The experts of Klüber Lubrication ascertained a service life extension by the factor 2 to 8 without leading to higher friction or even reducing friction values.

"Klübertop TN 01-311 A/B is one of the first bonded coatings on the market containing nanoparticles", says Rudolf Zechel, Product Manager Bonded Coating and Pastes at Klüber Lubrication München and NanoVer project manager. "Polyamide imide-based bonded coatings stand out for their efficiency in terms of wear and corrosion protection, load-carrying capacity as well as chemical resistance over a wide service temperature range. By adding nanoparticles, we could clearly increase the load-carrying capacity and wear protection. Another advantage for the user is the substantial savings potential, particularly when replacing expensive hard-material coatings".

Trend-setting for many applications

Klübertop TN 01-311 A/B is particularly suitable for applications subject to dynamic stress under high loads, e.g. clutch release sleeves, chains or hydroelectric aggregates. Other applications include: sliding bushes of clutch bearings, bearing cages of two-stroke engines, sliding components in ABS and injection pumps as well as all moving parts, for which a normal bonded coating is not sufficient and hard material coatings like DLC, CVD or PVD are not desired or too expensive.

Klübertop TN 01-311 A/B can easily be applied to metal components by spraying or drum-spraying.

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