Statoil chooses Emerson's technology for Gina Krog platform


Remote continuous equipment monitoring on new fixed platform will help
maximise production and reduce maintenance costs

Statoil has awarded Emerson Process Management a $2.7 million USD contract
to supply an integrated condition and performance monitoring system for the
Gina Krog oil and gas platform in the Norwegian North Sea. The system will
enable Statoil personnel onshore to continuously monitor the new fixed
platform's critical and essential pumps, compressors and other mechanical
equipment, in order to maximise efficiency and identify any potential
problems before they affect production.
Emerson's integrated Condition Based Maintenance solution provides machinery
protection, prediction and performance monitoring of all critical and
essential assets. The solution will include Emerson's CSI 6500 Machinery
Health Monitor and AMS Suite predictive maintenance software. This solution
will deliver predictive diagnostics as well as equipment health alerts to
allow personnel to take timely corrective maintenance actions to avoid
unplanned shutdowns and maintain production while reducing maintenance
Central to this solution is AMS Suite: Asset Performance Management, which
is built on Meridium's APM software. The software will aggregate all asset
data to present a clear picture of overall asset health and performance so
work notifications can be created and fed back to the SAP Enterprise Asset
Management system for immediate attention.
The solution also includes a wireless communication infrastructure based on
IEC 62591 (WirelessHART) technology, which will support future enhancements
to capture additional equipment data on the platform at a lower cost than
traditional wired communications.
"As a preferred supplier under our long-term framework agreement with
Statoil, we are delighted that our reliability and asset management
technologies will be used to support Statoil's vision for implementing
Condition Based Maintenance across its critical assets," said Larry Irving,
vice president, oil and gas industry, Emerson Process Management. "When this
is combined with the systems that enable remote monitoring, there are real
benefits in terms of maximised production, reduced costs and increased
This award extends the scope of a previous contract for Emerson to provide
an integrated process control, safety and asset management system for the
new upstream operations. Located just north of the Sleipner West field in
the central part of the North Sea, the Gina Krog field (previously called
Dagny) is expected to produce some 60,000 barrels of oil and 9 million Sm3
of rich gas per day.